What does it mean to be a Woman? She Is It...

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Who are you when when you get asked "So, tell me about yourself?"

Do you start off by saying, Mother? Lawyer? Baker? Entrepreneur? Business Woman? Or do you start by saying, "Oh, I don't know?"

Who are you, wonderful, feminine?

What resonates with your soul?  What sets it on fire? 

To be a woman, from a personal point of view, is to be completely and utterly enshrined in your femininity.  To allow yourself to be authentic, completely you.  Embrace all that you are - take off the mask.  Be kind, but fierce.

Know your worth.  You are a luxury.

When you find someone who loves you completely, you become your feminine self, but first you need to love yourself - unconditionally.  Dive deep and find that love for yourself first, everything else will follow.  You need to be yours first, before you can be anyone else's.

If you ever have the privilege of meeting someone who allows you to be yourself, brings out your best, reminds you that you make each day wonderful and above all, cares for you without any expectations or conditions, don't waste time not showing them how much they mean to you. 

Life is Short, Time is Fast - as a river flows, you never get to touch the same water twice.

Make sure you live everyday with gratitude, make it your best day, be kind to yourself and those around you, leave footprints behind.

Never dim your light for others, the Sun doesn't apologise for shining.  

- She is It...

She is the best of both worlds. 

She is that independent, focused, ambitious queen.  She is a boss.  She can handle her own. And she's as Alpha as they come.

But at the same time, she knows where to draw the line and be a woman.  She has a soft, submissive side, with a heart of gold.  She's extremely affectionate, passionate. 

She knows how to take care of a man.  She's spiritual, selfless and understands the definition of unconditional love. 

She is it. 

She is the best of both worlds.

And whoever God decides to send her, will be the luckiest man alive.

-Nikita Gill

You are her, wonderful woman!

Embrace All that You Are.

Thank You for being my inspiration!


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