Monyay! Human Rights Day 2021

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When we think back to the last year, no one could have prepared anyone of us for the changes that were about to shake things up! Where you got dealt the short end of the stick or whether the lockdown did not affect you that much - it forced all of us, in so way, to look deeper and do some introspection.

For us, here at Ivy & Dee, it set the stage to grow and to move out of our comfort zone and dive off the deep end and trust that all the lessons you learnt throughout your life, prepared you for this one opportunity.  We decided to get an idea off the ground and hope that it can make a difference to each and every lady in her everyday life.

All of us has a place, in this beautiful Country we call our home. We, as a people, have proved, beyond reasonable doubt, that we are stronger than we think and tougher than we know.  Making something, starting small businesses, learning new skills and making our lives better, while enriching and touching the lives of others.

Start each day with a grateful heart, positive mindset and who knows, maybe just maybe, today you will conquer the world!

Happy Human Rights Day!




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