About Us

Hi, I am Ilzé!

Welcome to my Boutique Online Store.  

IVY & DEE was founded on a need to make fragrance last.  Nothing is worse than putting on your favourite scent just to realise it has evaporated by the time you reach the office.

The sense of smell or olfactory, has scientifically and psychologically been proven to be the strongest of all the human senses.  Whether your fragrance doesn't last or if you suffer from an allergic reaction, we are confident that our Darling Diffuser will aid in making your perfume last longer.

What is more magical than smelling a familiar scent that instantly transports you to a familiar place or with a loved one?  Remember that kiss and warm embrace by an absolutely spectacular person where you felt utterly and completely at home - what did you smell?   

In addition, we are proud to have our own Luxury Make Up Line. We only use ISO Accredited & Beauty Without Cruelty Materials. All materials are certified safe to use for cosmetics. 

My mission, is simple, design my own patent-pending jewelry diffusers, whilst sourcing high quality products for exclusive clientele!

If you are not satisfied with the quality of any products upon opening, kindly let me know immediately!

Lots of Love

Ivy & Dee